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Sleeping On Your Stomach (Lying On Your Belly) Can Lead To More Sex Dreams


Whether we want to admit it or not, erotic dreams are something we’ve all experienced at least once in our lifetimes. In the recent survey of Dr Franceen King, 96.5% of 200 female participants, between the ages of 15-85, reported experiencing erotic or overtly sexual dreams. But what actually causes sexual dreams? Is it our desires? Our nature? Or could it even be our sleeping position?

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     I watched him open the door for her, and then wait until she was fully seated before closing it.
     ”Does he always do that?” I asked his wife.
     ”Yes. It took me some time to get used to it—we’ve been together for 32 years. I was married for 25 years during my first marriage, but no one ever opened the door for me. Now even our grandchildren do it for me, because they see him do it.
     “We also go to sleep holding hands. When you don’t have it the first time around and you get it the second time, you treasure it.”

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